Why Iyiebo?

We 're more expensive in value but we're better! here's why? Discover Iyiebo's amazing Grow Intelligence package. Iyiebo has one of the most advanced package. By using Iyiebo directly you increase your reach, removing all geographical limitations. We Integrate the African economy.

Iyiebo Trade Assurance

This is an Iyiebo free order protection service. It's designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers on Iyiebo and covers buyers in the event of payment, shipping and product quality-related disputes.

Iyiebo Prime badge

Get a Prime badge on your listings and scale your business to reach more customers with Iyiebo. Iyiebo has one of the most advanced networks in Africa and the world. Let Iyiebo deliver your orders with WBI so you can focus on your stocks only.

Iyiebo Payment Processor

Iyiebo Payment Processor provide need to offer safe, affordable, and convenient products that make using accounts more appealing than using cash.We are Leveraging digital technology among the unbanked

Iyiebo Anti-counterfeiting

Iyiebo Anti-counterfeiting solution help to fight against counterfeit products by tracing, get buyer's trusting.

Iyiebo Big Data

Fast search engine and reliable of all information and products on African economy

Iyiebo Paperless

Protect your environment with Iyiebo paperless

Iyiebo Farm Distributors

help smallholder businesses to overcome poverty by buying directly with fair price

Iyiebo craftsmanship

service helping African craftsmanship to scale their handcrafted goods globally

Iyiebo ePublishing

Help make your publication accessible globally

Sell ​​service professionals

Selling your ​​service professionals on Iyiebo allows you to scale!

Connecting production centers to consumption centers by integrating Iyiebo Innovation Grow Intelligence Packages and Iyiebo Innovation trade engine

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