Iyiebo Payment Processor providers need to offer safe, affordable, and convenient products that make using accounts more appealing than using cash..We are Leveraging digital technology among the unbanked,

In many high-income economies debit and credit cards used at point-of-sale (POS) terminals dominate the digital payments landscape. In most developing economies, by contrast, few people have such cards. But many have a mobile phone including disadvantaged people,that could allow Iyiebo Payment Processor to jump directly to the Payments mobile by turning it into a Debit and Credit card too,by using our digital point-of-sale Iyiebo Payment Processor

For Who?

  • unbanked people from rural area
  • small retailer
  • craftsmen
  • small farming

Why Iyiebo Payment Processor

  • Access the low-rate financial service
  • Buy online by using your Iyiebo payment account under protection service "Iyiebo Trade Assurance"
  • Stay in touch with buyers without worrying about their currencies
  • Requesting Payments
  • Safer way to send money
  • Your Mobile Phone become directly your Debit & Credit card
  • Stop sharing your financial information(eg. CVV, ACCOUNT NUMBER,EXPIRED DATE,...)