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                       Features Gold Service Premium Service Standard Service Basic Service Freemium Service
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Route Optimization & Traceability  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes  
Photo Ordering  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Digital receipt  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Add recycling service to buyer  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Instant Stock Status  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
Stock Movement & Management  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes   
Iyiebo Clone Data  Yes  Yes, 20  Yes, 10   Yes, 5   
Business intelligent  Yes  Yes, 10  Yes, 5   Yes, 1   
Buyer Attraction  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes
Customer Appreciation or Survey  Yes  Yes Yes   Yes   
Product Posting  unlimited   250   170   85   13
Catch Buyers  32  Yes, 18   Yes, 10  Yes, 5  
Custom brands  Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes  
Ready to Exports  1  2   3  4  5
Priority Ranking   1   2   3   4  5
Consumer Analytics   yes   yes  Yes  Yes  
Targeting and Personalizing Location   Yes  Yes, 10  Yes, 6  Yes, 3  Yes, 1
Customize buyers  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes     
Return Management  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes
Cost of service ( 6 months rental) $2,799  $1,399.5 $699.75 $349.8 $0,45

Selling on to reach the largest B2B customer base in Africa. We reach underserved consumers by connecting production centers to consumer centers and controlling distribution activities to avoid food waste and commodity issues, Iyiebo's supplier service cover all your hardship way in just 5 service, if you not decided yet, please feel our Freemium service ( never charge interest on sales!)

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