1. Iyiebo.com company

Iyiebo.com mean infrastructure of business, we are in business to reach underserved consumers by connecting production centers to consumer centers and route optimization to avoid food waste and commodity issues

Company Code :     110918169

Company Name:     IYIEBO Ltd
Category          :     Private
Type                :     Limited by shares

Location 1 ,  Kigali, Nyarugenge, Umujyi wa Kigali

Location 2,  Boulevard de la mission N° 18, commune Lubumbashi, DR Congo, Customer center +243 85 468 2184

Location 3, Close to Telecommunication Ministry,Juba, South Sudan, +211 92 306 6610

2. Our Core

The core of Iyiebo.com is to grow and to grow by developing a small agro-food producer, a small manufacturer, a tea producer, a coffee producer, a craft industry and a fashion producer in Africa.  

Iyiebo team

3. Innovation

We're building business of our customers in Africa.
3.1. Our supplier service packages that including (instant stocks management, traceability, route optimization, customers attraction, catch buyers, consumer analytic , recycling service of that packages consumers purchased with us and more.. )

3.2. Iyiebo Payment processor : Unlock unbanked people with a standard identifier and protect financial information  for better inclusion of under served consumers too

3.3. How artificial intelligence helps Iyiebo

Artificial intelligence helps Iyiebo.com to integrate the economies of African countries, controlling the activities of the distribution channels to avoid food waste and commodity issues

4. Job creation & investment

  4.1. Job creation


   4.2.  Investment

Invest at Iyiebo.com mean:

         1. get good return on your investment

         2. Help Iyiebo.com to cover all underserved consumers in Africa.

         3. Contribute to the creation of more new Jobs in Africa

5. Our communities

We serve and take care of our communities(underserved consumers) and the environment in which we live

6. Supporting small businesses

With Iyiebo.com help our customers to reach the largest B2B customer base in Africa

      6.1. Agroprocessing sector

      6.2. Manufacturing sector

      6.3. Horticulture serctor

      6.4. Handcraft Sector

7. Working at Iyiebo.com

The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe. Don't be scared of us! we are looking for people able to solve problems. It could be you!