Iyiebo Anti-counterfeiting solution to fight against counterfeit products by tracing and authenticating each product from production centers to consumer centers, control and trace the validity of products at your fingertips with our supply chain tracking

Why buyers need Iyiebo anti-counterfeit?

  • 1. Trace the product is origin

  • 2. Get feedback on this product or service from consumers who have already used it

  • 3. Find more between the two

  • 4. Find more if the product and the supplier are trustworthy

How it works for buyers

  • 1. Get the model of this product (eg. serial number, .. )

  • 2. Have Iyiebo Account or not (But this is Preferable !)

  • 3. Submit your request by clicking on Supply Chain Trace Intelligence

Why sellers, brands, manufacturers need Iyiebo anti-counterfeit?

  • 1. Increase your trust with buyers

  • 2. Be in full control of your products

  • 3. Get feedback on your product from consumers who have already used it

  • 4. Find more on how your product perform

How it works for Sellers

  • 1. Create a model of your product (example: serial number, .. )

  • 2. Submit your request by clicking on Get Providers Trace Intelligence

  • 3.For Iyiebo providers, this service is Free

Get Providers Trace Intelligence